At each of our monthly meetings we aim to have a guest speaker come to talk on a wide variety of topics.  The speakers so far arranged for 2022 are as follows:

5th April 2022                    Vivaldi - A Man for all Seasons

                                                   Peter Edwards

3rd May                                Annual General Meeting

7th June                              Jubilee Party

5th July                                A Tribute to HM The Queen

                                                     Janet Cowlard

August                                  President's Party

6th September                  St Lukes - a new direction - our                                                                        plans for the future

                                                     Sarah Wallis

4th October                        Living in a Fairground

November                           Compliments of the Season - a talk about


December                           Tudor Christmas

January 2023                      Life of a Lighthouse Person

February 2023                    Poldark, put your shirt on - Mining in


March 2023                         From PR to Novel Writing

April 2023                            Women Spies

June 2023                            Talk on a local place of interest

Previous talks have included:

March 2022                       Smuggling in Historic Devon

February 2022                  The Polar Bears of Churchill, Manitoba

January 2022                    Weaving the Wool from Alpacas

September 2020              A Police Surgeon's Lot

July 2019                           The Cosa Nostra

If you have any ideas or suggestions for future speakers - or maybe even volunteer someone yourself - please contact Marcia Webster on 830579