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WI Diary

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28 MAY 2-4pm Web site recap exploring our new Dairy & putting an icon on our home page/desktop

7 June Visit to Lady Astors House & cream tea.

1pm pick up at the green. Allow 2 hrs

18 JUNE 7-9pm Monthly meeting The speaker is Hilary Bracegirdle telling us about the painter Beryl Cook.   We have had a talk on Beryl years ago but since then Hilary has completed a lot of academic research on Beryl and her painting.   She is also very knowledgeable on the venues that Beryl painted, and can identify the very ordinary pubs and cafes in Plymouth.   Having been sneered at by the arts establishment Beryl is coming in from the cold.  There was recently a two page spread about her work in The Spectator advising of a new exhibition at the Studio Voltaire in London. 

16 JULY 7-9pm Monthly Meeting

24/7/24   Visit to Pentille Hamlet    19.00 take your own supper

17 SEPTEMBER 7-9pm Monthly Meeting

TBA AUGUST (President’s tea party / event)

Change of time

15 OCTOBER 2-4pm Monthly Meeting

19 NOVEMBER 2-4pm Monthly Meeting

17 DECEMBER 2-4pm Monthly Meeting


21 JANUARY 2-4pm Monthly Meeting

18 FEBRUARY 2-4pm Monthly Meeting

18 MARCH 2-4pm Monthly Meeting


Contact Jackie Ross to book visits or 07918815914



Hamlet saw a ghost, whose tale

Of lust and murder turned him pale

Ghost dissolved when dawn grew dewy...

[Question is - was Hamlet screwy?]


Hamlet loved Ophelia, who Turned him down when told to do

Shambles he who once was natty

[Question is - was Hamlet batty?]


Hamlet staged his father's  end

Guilty uncle ,s consort penned

Blamed for choosing sex, not suttee

[Question is - was Hamlet nutty?]


Hamlet killed his lady's pa

Sent to England, gone too far,

Copy book was getting potty

[Question is was - is Hamlet potty?]


Hamlet, back in Denmark, found

Poor Ophelia madly drowned

Wished he too pushed up the daisy

[Question is - was Hamlet crazy?]


Hamlet fenced with furious brother

Fatally they struck each other

Ma drank poison, went all droopy

[Question is - was is Hamlet loopy?]


Hamlet with envenomed sword

Finally slew his Uncle Claude,

Then gave up the ghost and cried

Now I can't be certified


 Mary Holtby

Previous trips are written up and can be found here

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